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Community Demographics as of 2010:

As of 2010, 1,038,388 Asian Americans live in New York City and make up 13% of the entire population. From 2000-2010, the Asian American population increased 32% (Census 2010)
Chinese make up 47% of the Asian American population and is the largest ethnic groups among Asian Americans (Census 2010)
49% of the Asian population in NYC live in the borough of Queens (Census 2010)

Socioeconomic Status as of 2011:

15% of Asian Americans live below the poverty level (ACS 2007-2011, 5-year estimates)
The poverty rate for Asian elderly increased between 2000-2006, from 23.6% to 31.3% (AAF, 2008)
35% of Asian Americans have less than a high school education (ACS 2007-2011, 5-year estimates)
46% of Asian Americans are of limited English proficiency (ACS 2007-2011, 5-year estimates)
54% of Asian American women who gave birth were on Medicaid, indicating low-income status (NYC Vital Statistics, 2007)

Health Issues:

20% of Asian Americans do not have health insurance, compared to 12% of whites (NYCDOHMH Community Health Survey, 2012)
Cancer, heart disease, and flu are the top 3 leading causes of deaths for Asian Americans in NYC (NYC Vital Statistics, 2011)
Approximately 15% of Asian Americans in NYC have chronic hepatitis B infection (CDC, 2006) Among CBWCHC patients screened for hepatitis B, 20% are tested positive and among groups from endemic areas, such as Fujian Province in China, 30% are tested positive (CBWCHC Hepatitis B Registry, 2010)
60% of all cases of hepatitis B in pregnancy in NYC were of Asian descent (NYCDOHMH Hepatitis A, B, and C Surveillance Report, 2006-2007)
Asian Americans in NYC have the highest rate of cancer deaths (30.1%) compared to other racial/ethnic groups. They are the only racial/ethnic group where cancer is the leading cause of death (NYC Vital Statistics, 2011)
40% of Asian American women in New York City have not had a timely pap test, the highest among all racial groups (NYCDOHMH Community Health Survey, 2010) – this is the most up to date
Over 50% of Asian American elderly do not regularly screen for colon cancer, the highest among all racial groups (NYCDOHMH Community Health Survey, 2009)
38% of Asian American women in Manhattan have not had a timely mammogram, the highest among all racial groups in Manhattan (NYCDOHMH Community Health Survey, 2010)
16% of Asian American adults are reported to have diabetes, which is highest among all racial groups in NYC and higher than the citywide prevalence of 12.5% (NYCHANES, 2009)
Approximately 25% of CBWCHC pediatrics patients who are of Chinese descent are reportedly overweight or obese. Among U.S. born boys, 40% are overweight or obese (Au, 2009)
Among NYC children, Asians (39%) were more likely to have no preventive dental visit in the past year than other racial/ethnic groups (20-23%) (NYCDOHMH, 2012)