Li Dan (Linda) Wu, R.D.H.

Dental Hygiene
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Li Dan (Linda) Wu, R.D.H.


Li Dan (Linda) Wu, R.D.H.

About Li Dan (Linda) Wu, R.D.H.

Li Dan (Linda) Wu, R.D.H. 簡介

Ms. Wu is a dental hygienist with over 10 years of experience.

She assists dentists in a wide range of dental services for children and adults, including general examinations, teeth cleaning, dental x-rays, dental fillings and crowns, tooth extraction, root canals, basic periodontal treatment, denture and bridge care, referrals and care coordination with specialists, and health education to promote oral health.

Ms. Wu’s approach to dental practice is patient-centered and detail-oriented, as she is passionate about providing the highest quality of dental care possible. As a dental hygienist, she focuses on educating patients about good oral health practices and help them learn how to avoid diseases through preventative dental care.

When not working, Ms. Wu enjoys traveling, gardening, and spending time with her family.


Education and Training

New York City College of Technology